Why Teach Media Literacy and Production?

Kids are Living Their Lives Online. We Need to Equip Them With Healthy Models of Media Consumption.

Teenagers spend over 7 hours a day outside of school online. Tweens are close behind at 4 hours per day. They are creating content, connecting with their friends and consuming entertainment and news. 


What TTMI Does: We give K-12 students the tools they need to make, curate and evaluate content as smart citizens of the digital world.


COVID-19 Has Exacerbated Unequal Access to Resources and Opportunities for Creative Growth 

An unprecedented switch to digital learning due to COVID-19 has highlighted huge disparities among school systems around access and resources for digital media literacy and skills based learning. 


What TTMI Does: We have spent years building deep relationships with school systems and administrators. Through those relationships, we identify low-resourced schools with high potential to launch TTMI residency programs.

Media Literacy Has Never Been More Important in Today’s Political Environment

Misinformation across the political spectrum is influencing our children's view of the world from COVID-19 to the our elections. By age 18, 88% of young adults regularly get news from Facebook and other social media, but more than half US middle-schoolers cannot distinguish advertising from real news, or fact from fiction.


What TTMI Does: We help students understand how to dissect and analyze the stories being told, take responsibility for the content they create, and understand the power of validating the content they share.


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