The Take Two World

The Take Two Media Initiative started with the Take Two Film Academy and has since grown into a sprawling community focused on bringing Media Literacy and film education to students across New York City.

While the Take Two Media Initiative works to spread media literacy to deserving schools, the Take Two Film Academy offers film production courses at schools, after school programs, and camps for students of all ages! Sign up today!

Interested in our courses but not located in New York? No problem! Our Learning Management System offers educators everywhere our clear guidelines to conduct a class that implements filmmaking and the Third Dimension of Literacy. Your students will love it!

As proclaimed Media Literacy experts, we like to put our money where our mouth is.. so we wrote the book on it! Understand the importance and potential of the Third Dimension of Literacy by picking up a copy of our Founder's book today.

Our Partnerships

Harmony Labs is dedicated to understanding the effects of media to optimize it in a way that'll create the most public good.

Harmony Labs

Media Lit Now is focused on educating all students on the importance of Media Literacy in staying safe in this digital age.

Media Literacy Now

Take Two Film Academy helps to deliver the Third Dimension of Literacy to schools.

Take Two Film Academy