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Make A Difference! 


Buy One Gift One!  Foster equity by bringing these critical skills to your school and a deserving school in your area. Email us at with the subject line "Residency" to get a free consultation, customized program and help us identify a sponsorship program within your budget.


If you are a school looking for a free residency please email at subject line "Free residency" to be added to our gifting list. We will follow up with a questionnaire to learn more about your school.

Corporate Donor? 

Change is not just a kid's, but an entire school's future while giving employees opportunities for life-changing volunteer work.  Email us at with the subject line "Corporate sponsor"for details on our volunteer programs and corporation sponsorships.


Individual Donor? 

Make a one-time or (even better) a recurring pledge via Paypal to support TTMI. You'll receive periodic updates showcasing how your donation is changing lives.

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Track Our Results

We have partnered with The Engagement Lab at Emerson College, a research-based design lab focused on studying and designing media and technology that is reshaping civic life, to generate a case study to measure the success of our approach.

We evaluate our success against 5 key criteria we call “AACEE”: Attendance, Agency, College Readiness, Engagement, and Equity. 


Emerson will conduct in-person observation and remote data collection of our 2021-2022 cohort of schools to deliver both a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the program, including individual and aggregated survey responses from students and teachers from all participating programs.


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