Make A Difference! 

Our goal is to raise $180K for the 2020-2021 school year which will provide 10 residencies in video and media literacy to schools to deserving schools free-of-charge.

The switch to an all digital classroom is hard. Take Two's programs give new life to learning for both teachers and students. Our curriculum has been tested and is trusted by school administrators. We can't wait to ignite creativity and media literacy across the nation with your help. Together, we can raise a new generation of creative and capable digital citizens.

“I think this type of residency worked well in the remote environment. The cloud based software and use of breakout rooms helped to keep the project moving forward.”

- Jeff Seabaugh, Urban Institute of Mathematics

Your Pledge Can Change a Kid’s Life.

Individual Donor? 

Make a one-time or (even better) a recurring pledge via Paypal.

Corporate Donor? 

Reach out to set up a conversation to learn about how a corporate sponsorship can change not just a kid, but an entire grade, school and school system's future. Email us at We can't wait to talk to you. 


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