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Take Two has successfully collaborated with more than 100 schools and over 20,000 students across New York City.  With established connections and Teaching Artists we are well-equipped to extend our reach to the the remaining 1,400 schools and 1.05 million students. Through our efforts, we have raised over $200,000 in individual donations. Additionally, we have provided 30 free residencies and conducted 5 free talks addressing the influence of social media and AI on school communities.

Megan Kiefer, the founder of The Take Two Media Initiative, has been immersed in the world of filmmaking and media literacy in NYC since 2009, primarily through her work with The Take Two Film Academy. Over time, she has keenly observed the profound impact that both media and emerging technologies like AI have on the younger generation. Motivated by this observation, Kiefer took proactive steps to address these issues by establishing the Take Two Media Initiative. The aim of this organization is to facilitate meaningful conversations within school communities about the responsible and ethical engagement with both media and AI.

“By empowering youth to become advocates for media literacy and AI awareness, we hope to not only equips them with essential skills for the digital age but also fosters a culture of critical thinking, responsible citizenship, and positive social change.”

Why Take Two?

Meet Our Board


Megan Kiefer

Founder of Take Two Media Initiative and Take Two Film Academy, Megan is an entrepreneur and educator dedicated to transforming education and the world through media literacy and responsible content creation. 


Amy Benziger

An experienced brand strategist, Amy is elevating TTMI's brand narrative and driving our strategic roadmap towards the highest potential impact for our community.


Megha Desai

As President of the Desai Foundation, Megha directs her years of non-profit leadership towards TTMI's operational and fundraising needs.


Jessica Gracyalny

A community and event organizer, Jessica is dedicated to the power of storytelling in education and works to supercharge TTMI's fundraising and optimize our parent network. 

Andrew Riccio.jpeg

Andrew Riccio

A partner at the law firm of Baker McKenzie, Andrew is committed to helping TTMI expand its impact and ensure media literacy education reaches an ever growing community.


Yomi Togunde

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair and Director of Forensic Accounting, K2 Integrity Treasurer, and The Royalty Project. Yomi Togunde believes in the power of family and finances to heal and build our communities. As a Forensic Accountant and Life Coach, Yomi has merged her passions to fulfill her mission: Co-creating happy, healthy, wealthy black and brown families. 

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