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We believe all kids deserve an opportunity to get a great education and that different kids learn in different ways. Since 2009, Take Two has helped thousands of kids discover their talents and passions using film. This has been possible thanks to a handful of timely grants and the tireless work of many PTAs.


But the most vulnerable kids in our societies don’t go to schools with strong PTAs and their schools don’t have access to grant money. These kids, the ones who need innovative education the most, have the least access to it.

Together, we can change that.

Our founder of The Take Two Media Initiative, Megan Kiefer, has been teaching filmmaking in NYC since 2009 through The Take Two Film Academy. In every classroom, she noticed how the students transformed from apathetic to excited with the simple addition of video production tools. The students' eagerness to learn filmmaking reignited their enthusiasm for science, english and history. TTMI expands the longtime expert work of the Film Academy by bringing media education to schools that otherwise couldn't afford it.

School eligibility for a free residency is determined by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and their Financial Transparency Data. Schools with students who meet the requirements for 'Economically Disadvantaged,' meaning students "who participate in, or whose family participates in, economic assistance programs, such as the free or reduced-price lunch programs, Social Security Insurance (SSI), Food Stamps, Foster Care, Refugee Assistance (cash or medical assistance), Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), Safety Net Assistance (SNA), Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), or Family Assistance: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)," We are proud to bring critical learning skills and hands-on projects to these deserving students. If you know of a school that meets these requirements, please reach out to us to share their info so we can hopefully bring a TTMI residency to them!

Why We Started the Take Two Media Initiative

A Decade of Progress: Take Two Film Academy

  • Programs launched with 50+ NYC schools

  • 20k+ students engaged

  • Official MTAC vendor for NY education system and NY Division for Instructional Informational Technology

  • Sponsored vendor for Bronx Academy for Multi-Media 

  • Grant recipient for NYC Office of Children and Family Services and My Brothers Keeper

  • Partner of Tribeca Film Festival's annual student film showcase

Meet Our Board


Megan Kiefer

Founder of Take Two Media Initiative and Take Two Film Academy, Megan is an entrepreneur and educator dedicated to transforming education and the world through media literacy and responsible content creation. 


Amy Benziger

An experienced brand strategist, Amy is elevating TTMI's brand narrative and driving our strategic roadmap towards the highest potential impact for our community.


Megha Desai

As President of the Desai Foundation, Megha directs her years of non-profit leadership towards TTMI's operational and fundraising needs.


Jessica Gracyalny

A community and event organizer, Jessica is dedicated to the power of storytelling in education and works to supercharge TTMI's fundraising and optimize our parent network. 

Andrew Riccio.jpeg

Andrew Riccio

A partner at the law firm of Baker McKenzie, Andrew is committed to helping TTMI expand its impact and ensure media literacy education reaches an ever growing community.


Yomi Togunde

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair and Director of Forensic Accounting, K2 Integrity Treasurer, and The Royalty Project. Yomi Togunde believes in the power of family and finances to heal and build our communities. As a Forensic Accountant and Life Coach, Yomi has merged her passions to fulfill her mission: Co-creating happy, healthy, wealthy black and brown families. 

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