Take Two Media Initiative is a nonprofit dedicated to teaching all learners media literacy through in-school workshops and cross-media literacy conversations.

Our Work

We live in a media age, yet students aren’t being taught how to create and consume media in the classroom. We’re ready to shift this blindspot in education by integrating filmmaking, photography and media comprehension into the classroom, and helping adults educate themselves on this pervasive problem. 


People around the world spend an average of 7.5 hours/day consuming media and making content, with 45% of teens reporting they are constantly connected to the internet - TTMI brings an awareness and educational perspective teaching young learners how to become responsible digital citizens.

What We Do:

We deliver filmmaking, photography and media literacy residencies to deserving schools, as well as organize and curate conversations about media literacy.


Bring media literacy education to schools across the nation and organize coalition gatherings to ensure the right stakeholders and students are empowered to thrive in a world where media is the language of learning.

Critical Viewing + Critical Making = Critical Thinking

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