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Take Two Media Initiative is a nonprofit dedicated to teaching K-12 learners the media literacy and filmmaking skills they need to become smart digital citizens. 

A 3 min video says 1000 words! 

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By age 18, 88% of young adults regularly get news from social media, yet more than half of US middle-schoolers cannot distinguish advertising from real news, or fact from fiction.


Creating an informed public capable of community, civic and democratic engagement starts with educating our youth to take responsibility for the content they create, share and consume.

The Take Two Media Initiative brings direct to student media literacy and filmmaking education to ALL types of K-12 schools (both remote and in person), and with our "Buy One Give One Program," we gift low-resourced deserving schools residencies for FREE! 

A Typical TTMI Residency Recipient 

  • 50% of students considered low-income

  • 50% receive free or reduced lunch

  • 10-20% currently experiencing homelessness or living in the shelter system

Critical Viewing +

Critical Making =

Critical Thinking

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