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The Take Two Media Initiative (TTMI) is dedicated to enhancing media and AI literacy by providing comprehensive education on responsible content creation and consumption to K-12 school communities.

Our Mission:

Our mission involves offering residencies and talks to students, families, and educators, aiming not only to inform but also to foster profound understanding and engagement with the ever-evolving landscape of media and AI. TTMI strives to educate and support school communities in navigating these challenges. By fostering understanding of our media systems, we believe we can promote civic engagement, strengthen democracy, and enhance mental health.

Youth Empowerment Program:

By age 18, 88% of young adults regularly get news from social media, yet more than half of US middle-schoolers cannot distinguish advertising from real news, or fact from fiction.


Creating an informed public capable of community, civic and democratic engagement starts with educating our youth to take responsibility for the content they create, share and consume.

The Youth Empowerment Program aims to harness the potential of high school and college aged youth by providing them with comprehensive training in media literacy and artificial intelligence (AI) awareness. Through this program, participants will not only become adept at critically analyzing media content but also proficient in delivering engaging talks and workshops on these topics to their peers, parents, and educators in order to effect change.  Our talks and programs have proven to increase people's understanding of the pitfalls of Ai and the mechanics of social media.  People also come away deciding they will have more conversations with their children about social media and Ai and how to mitigate the risks associated with it. 

What people are saying about our talks:

"Having heard about AI and seeing your presentation this has started conversations for our families! On behalf of our Principal, our staff, and families, I would like to thank you for such an informative presentation last week. It’s always great to know the latest news about technology since it is continuously evolving." MS/PS 71 in the Bronx

Interested in a Media Literacy/AI Talk for your school? Email us for rates and details. Plus, with our Buy One Give One program, when you book a talk, you can choose to pay for a deserving school community to receive one for free. Contact us today!

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